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Glass Heater

Glass due to their excellent replant properties are extensively used in highly acidic as well as alkaline chemicals to heat up solutions in required time.

Mahendra thermo electricals have indigenously developed spirpotech glass heaters without center rod due to specially design it generates more surface area which results in delivering higher wattage in same length in comparison with regular ceramic bead design

Due to its design it allows us to us thicker wire gauge that enhances the life of heater.

These are available in three sizes i.e outer diameter 35mm 45mmand 50mm.

Available in “Borosilicate” for low temperatures and “Quartz” for high temperature.

Quartz Glass heater Milky Tube
Borosil galss U Bend Heater
Quartz Glass Heater Milky Tube
Borosil Glass U Bend Heater
Spirotech Glass Heater in Quartz Material
   Custom Made glass Heater
Spirotech Glass heater in Quartz Material
  Custom Made Glass Heater 1800 mm long X 600 mm Single Piece 10 KW in Quartz Material

Please let us know your application to enable us to select proper heater design.