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Application Basis Of Tubular Heater
Tubular heater
Tubular heater
Tubular heater Tubular heater

The component tubular heaters depending on the mounting provisions and configurations are suitable for use in solids, liquids, air as well as gases. These heaters provide the most design versatility of any electric heater construction. Tubular heaters because of their compacted MgO insulation construction can reach fairly high sheath temperatures, however the successful application of these heaters are primarily dependent on the end use.

A major advantage of Tubular heaters is the ability to form into custom shapes. Bend in radius as small as twice the tube diameter depending on the tube material, configuration and application.

Solids heating can be accomplished by clamping of Tubular heaters to the heated object surface. Good surface contact is required in order to prevent localized overheating. Due to round cross section of the heater, it is always advisable to put a groove into the solid and the heater is pressed into the groove. Heaters can be configured with a flat surface pressed into the heater surface certain shapes limitations are applicable.

Tubular heaters are often cast into Aluminum for broad surface coverage and uniform heating application requirements.Liquid heating requires the use of leak tight mountings/fittings provisions for direct immersion. Threaded mounting fittings, flanges, brackets and custom mounting attachments are used for this purpose and often include custom element shapes. Heater sheath corrosion resistance and watt density (the amount of wattage spread out over the available heater surface area = Watts/Sq. Inch.) are important factors in designing and applying the proper heater.

Air and gas heating Tubular heaters designs typically incorporate low watt density constructions or finned designs. As I most heater applications the watt density is critical to ensure heater temperatures are maintained within limits of the product capability. All finned tubular and duct heaters are suitable for air applications. Depending on the conditions some bushing, flanged and circulation heaters may also be used for heating air.

In all cases due to normal high temperature attainable on any metal-sheathed heater avoid contact with combustible surface or materials.

As with any electrically heated product, the proper application of heater and temperature control is the most important factor in optimum performance, efficiency and longevity i.e. longer life. No two systems are alike It is extremely important that attention has been given to the total product or system design as well as operating environment.

Please let us know your application to enable us to select proper heater design.