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Space Heater
These heaters are designed precisely to disperse almost 100% heat transfer efficiency to enable them to keep almost everything dry in standard conditions inside the control panel, which has various sensors and delicate contacts incorporated inside and needs to operate on continuous rating. Our Space Heater occupies small space and is very easy to install.

These are available in two different models such as Square Section and Round Section that is also called as economy model.
Space Heater

The square section has more safety as against the Round one as its lead wire are enclosed by a cover which protects entering of moisture directly into connections.
The photo shows typical Square Section Space Heater.

Space Heater
Salient Features Of Space Heater
  • Totally enclosed resistance wire in stainless Steel sheath,
  • Operating voltage 230 Volts A.C. with50 Hz,
  • High Voltage test at 2.5 K.V. to 3 K.V.,
  • Insulation test more than 10MegaOhms,
  • Double Insulation for Live Wire,
  • Properly Insulated Heating Coil.
Please let us know your application to enable us to select proper heater design.